January 22, 2019



In the last blog, we discussed 5 tips you can use to help keep your HVAC efficient this summer. Having your system regularly maintained, keeping your air filters changed out, making sure your dryer vents are not too close to the unit, that your equipment is free from debris and that your coils stay clean are all great ways to keep your air conditioning equipment running as efficiently as possible. This week, we will continue on the topic of improving efficiency for your air conditioner with 5 more tips:

  1. SHADE UNIT - Keep your outside air conditioning unit shaded. Not covered, mind you. Like we talked about last week, debris and plants can slow your system down, but a shaded unit will work up to 10% more efficiently.
  2. KEEP YOUR DUCTWORK CLEAN - You can have your ductwork professionally cleaned to keep them free from obstructions that will decrease the efficiency of your system. Evaporator coils can become clogged if your ductwork becomes too dirty, so it is always good practice to have these cleaned every year or so. You will notice a big difference if you do.
  3. USE CEILING FANS - Ceiling fans do not actually cool the air itself, but they will work (very inexpensively, too) to circulate the air around the home. This will help you maintain an even temperature throughout the home, which is very good for homes where the thermostat may be oddly placed. Maybe the air conditioner runs when it shouldn’t, because it thinks the home is hotter than it really is. Fans will help circulate the air conditioned air all around the home.
  4. CHECK FOR AIR LEAKS - Check for air leaks around the home, especially around doors and windows. If you are losing your cool air, your air conditioner will have to work hard all day to keep the home cool. Sealing leaks around the home is a fairly simple and inexpensive task that will make a huge difference on your energy bill.
  5. AIR REGISTERS - Make sure you are keeping the registers in your home clear from items such as furniture. If they are blocked, your system will have to work harder to pull in air. You can vacuum them regularly, too, to help keep the amount of dust and dirt that flows through to a minimum.

There are so many things you can do to keep your air conditioner running at optimal levels and your energy bills as low as possible. Some things may be more time and money-consuming than others, but in the end, the cost of replacing your equipment would beat them all. So, try these tips, along with last week’s, to keep your system running properly and efficiently.

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