January 22, 2019



A geothermal system is designed to capture heat from the sun and store it in pipes buried in the ground. During the winter months, the heat from the ground is transferred to the fluid that is in the pipes and then into your home as warm, comfortable air. In the summer months, the system is reversed. … [Read more...]


Word cloud for Indoor air quality

The temperature of the air in your home, filtering particles from that air and the level of humidity in your home all contribute to the indoor quality of air surrounding you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whether you or your family suffer from allergies and asthma, the air … [Read more...]


Air humidifier

During the winter months, air in your house can be drying to your body due to the lack of moisture. Utilizing a humidifier can make a huge difference in helping to restore the balance of moisture in your home. Humidifiers can also help alleviate symptoms associated with colds, flu, asthma and other … [Read more...]

Douglasville Air Conditioning Company | 3 Reasons You Should Be Changing Your Filters

Improve your health today.

We talk about changing filters a lot here at Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning, and no, heating and air conditioning companies are not part of a world-wide conspiracy to force you into spending more money than you need to. It really is an important aspect of running heating and air units! Let’s … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating | 6 Tips to Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Go Green

Do you have poor indoor air quality? A good sign that your air quality is not what it should be is symptoms like runny or stuffed nose, itchy eyes and throat, a general sense of illness, etc. The symptoms usually persist whenever you are home and subside when you are away for awhile. The good news … [Read more...]

Change Your Filters Douglasville | Heating and Air | Anchor

Improve your health today.

We have worked in the Douglasville air conditioning and heating business for thirty years now and, in those three decades, we can’t tell you how many times we have heard the question: “Why should I change my filters regularly?” or “But I don’t REALLY need to change my filters monthly, right? That’s … [Read more...]

Douglasville Air Conditioning | Allergens in your Home


Your home is the last place you’d want to have excess amounts of allergens. Here are some tips to avoid allergen buildup for a more comfortable time: Much of the allergens in your home are derived from the dirt and debris from outside. The cleaner the cleaner the perimeter of your home, the … [Read more...]

Douglasville Air Conditioning Repair | Tips for Clean Air in your Home

Air quality in homes and other buildings typically is more difficult to maintain during this season. Here are some tips to help make your air cleaner for your home: Don’t idle cars and other vehicles in the garage. The gas can get inside your home and taint the air with carbon monoxide and other … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Winter Humidity


Now that it is nearly winter, here is yet another domestic concern you should be aware of for the wellness of your household: humidity levels. Too much humidity in the home can cause mold, excessive condensation, damp spots on the walls and ceilings, and health problems (such as respiratory issues … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Reduce Fall Air Allergens

With fall underway, air pollutants inside the home can still be a very real threat. Here’s a list of tips to help keep the air in your home clean this fall and winter: Utilize mats both inside and outside the entrances to your home; they help catch particles and debris and prevent them from … [Read more...]

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