January 22, 2019

Air Conditioning Company Offers Geothermal Systems


In the past few years, we’ve experienced intolerably hot, muggy summers. Every time the temperature spikes up or down each season, our energy bills tend to jump up. If you feel like your heating and air conditioning simply is not efficient enough, we recommend that you consider investing in a … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning Company Douglasville | Improving Air Conditioner Efficiency, Part One


We are smack dab in the middle of the one of the hottest summers ever – with that has come many calls from folks requesting assistance to increase the efficiency of their air conditioning system. When it is 90+ degrees outside, air conditioners have to work over-time. In fact, you may notice that … [Read more...]

Saving Money this Summer Part Four | Douglasville Air Conditioning Company


So far in our saving money series, we have talked about attic insulation and ventilation, ceiling fans, changing air filters regularly, keeping the drapes closed during day hours, raising the temperature on the thermostat and installing programmable thermostats can reduce the energy used in the … [Read more...]

Saving Money this Spring and Summer Part Two | Douglasville Air Conditioning Company


Last week, we discussed how attic insulation and ventilation (i.e. attic fans) can help conserve the amount of energy you use during these hot months, therefore saving you money on your energy bills.  Today, we will look at a few of the smaller and easier steps you can take to save money this spring … [Read more...]

Save Money this Spring and Summer | Douglasville Air Conditioning Company


It didn’t take long for the Georgia heat to hit this year. Our winter was practically nonexistent! We truly enjoy these beautiful days that are perfect for outdoor fun with the family, but the early heat also meant that people were using their air conditioning units much earlier than usual. This … [Read more...]

Douglasville Air Conditioning Company | Green Tips for the Home

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With the school year almost over, why not think about using the summer to teach your kids how to be more “green”.  There are lots of little ways we can conserve energy, water and other resources around our home without having to invest a great amount of time or money. Let’s look at some of the … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating and Air Conditioning Company | Spring Energy Efficiency Tips


Spring is officially here! Because of the warmer temperatures, most have turned off their heating systems for the year.  Spring is an opportunity to save a good chunk of money on the high energy and/or gas bills that many experience over the winter months. It’s also a time to start saving money for … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company – Your Lighting Choices Can Save You Money

Did you know that your lighting choices can actually save you money? There are so many easy ways to save money on your electricity bill.  As a side benefit, many of these also creates less of an impact on the environment.  One way to use less energy and save money on your monthly energy bill is to … [Read more...]

Atlanta Heating Company | Reduce Your Winter Bills


Last week we talked about a few different ways you can conserve gas and energy usage and save money on your monthly bills this fall and winter.  Ideas like using a programmable thermostat or thermostat timer, turning your thermostat down for parties, during your “sleeping hours”, or when you go out … [Read more...]

Atlanta Heating Company Offers Heating Efficiency Tips

Heating Company Douglasville

We are always trying to save money where we can, but it becomes even more important to conserve and be frugal around the holidays.  With so many more added expenses this time of year, if it is possible to save a few bucks in other areas, than we should we try to put that money to better use. During … [Read more...]

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