February 15, 2019


Homemade Irish Beef Stew

Imagine the scene...you feel it is too cold, so you adjust the thermostat in your favor. Ten minutes later your spouse thinks it is too warm, so he or she turns the heat down. This can continue several times launching you into a full-on "Thermostat War!" Not only is this bad for relationships, it … [Read more...]


Christmas decoration

Preventative maintenance and proper operation techniques are necessary when using wood burning fireplaces. While you and your family enjoy the holidays together roasting chestnuts on an open fire, the heating and air conditioning experts at Anchor Heating & Air Co. want to help keep you … [Read more...]



As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, most homeowners will not even think about being thankful for their HVAC system. It seems a little silly to give recognition to a piece of equipment. However, as families gather together during the holidays spreading holiday cheer, it could very well be a … [Read more...]

Winter is Coming—Is your Heating System Ready?


Football season has kicked off and the fall season is well underway. As the temperatures slowly drop and we head into the brisk fall months, checking your heating equipment might be the last thing on your mind. If you haven’t already turned off your air conditioner, you will be soon and it’s … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | 3 Quick Tips for Maintaining your Heating System

It is important to properly maintain your heating equipment to avoid potential breakdowns.

The last thing anyone wants is for their heating system to shut down in the middle of winter. The key to keeping your system running smoothly year-round is having it properly maintained. Let’s take a moment and go over a few of things you can do to make sure your heater does not break down when you … [Read more...]

Douglasville Area Heating Company | Get your Heating System in Tip Top Shape with Anchor AC!

Last week, we talked about the importance of having your heating system tuned up and ready to go for the fall and winter season. This week, we are going to go over what our trained and skilled technicians will do when they visit your home. What will I receive with my fall maintenance visit? If … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Is your Heating System Ready for Winter?

It is important to properly maintain your heating equipment to avoid potential breakdowns.

There is nothing worse than finally turning on the heat in your home on a freezing day to find that your heating system is no longer working or is not working to full capacity. Don’t wait until the temperature drops to make sure your heating system is ready to take on the challenge of heating your … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Winter Humidity


Now that it is nearly winter, here is yet another domestic concern you should be aware of for the wellness of your household: humidity levels. Too much humidity in the home can cause mold, excessive condensation, damp spots on the walls and ceilings, and health problems (such as respiratory issues … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Easy Furnace Fixes

It is important to properly maintain your heating equipment to avoid potential breakdowns.

It got cold fast here in Georgia and many of you have turned on your heaters to keep your homes warm. We have already begun to receive calls from folks who have turned on their heater only to find that something is wrong. This is the top reason we recommend having your heating system checked and … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Tips to Improve your Air Quality


Now that summer is over, we tend to not worry about our indoor air quality due to the lack of pollen and other allergens that plague us during the warmer seasons. Unfortunately, we let our guards down and our indoor air quality in our homes tends to worsen during the fall and winter, which helps … [Read more...]

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