January 22, 2019

Douglasville Area Heating Company | Get your Heating System in Tip Top Shape with Anchor AC!

Last week, we talked about the importance of having your heating system tuned up and ready to go for the fall and winter season. This week, we are going to go over what our trained and skilled technicians will do when they visit your home. What will I receive with my fall maintenance visit? If … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company | Is your Heating System Ready for Winter?

It is important to properly maintain your heating equipment to avoid potential breakdowns.

There is nothing worse than finally turning on the heat in your home on a freezing day to find that your heating system is no longer working or is not working to full capacity. Don’t wait until the temperature drops to make sure your heating system is ready to take on the challenge of heating your … [Read more...]

Douglasville Heating Company – Preparing Your Home for the Fall and Winter Season

DIY Air Conditioning Repair

Now that Douglas County has begun to experience the colder side of fall, many have wondered what they can do to prepare their home for the fall and winter season.  Even many animals prepare in advance for the cold months, so it makes sense that we would prepare our homes for the frigid temperature … [Read more...]

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