February 15, 2019


Couplw of tudents moving in to the campusMany kids are going back to college or just getting started. While it may be a bittersweet transition for parents, most kids are full of anticipation of what college life may entail. Here are 5 of 10 tips to help your student bring a touch of home to their dorm room:

1. BEDDING – If possible, bring your students own bedding from home. Not only will it give them some comfort from home, but it will also save you money!

2. PICTURES – Encourage your student to decorate those boring dorm walls with pictures. The familiar mementos will help ease any homesick feelings and help keep your student feeling surrounded with love.

3. SCENTS – If there is a special scent that reminds your student of home (Mom’s home baked cookies maybe), fill the dorm room with that scent. Most dorms do not allow candles, so look for spray, air freshener sticks or plug-ins.

4. PERSONAL ITEMS – Whether it’s a coffee mug or a favorite stuffed animal, have your student take it off to college to help their dorm room feel more like home.

5. RUGS – Most dorm rooms do not have carpet. Add an area rug to soften the floor so it feels less like a dorm room. When cooler weather arrives, a rug will also add some warmth to a cold floor.

At Anchor Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand comfort.  We hope that these 5 ways will help your student bring the comfort of home into their dorm room. Stay tuned for Part 11 of this series!

For more information regarding Anchor Heating & Air and the products and services we offer, please give us a call at (770) 942-2873.

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