February 15, 2019

Douglasville Air Conditioning Tips

Plan now for the hot Douglasville Summer!

Plan now for the hot Douglasville summer!

It might be chilly still outside today, but it won’t last! Don’t wait to start researching ways to improve your energy efficiency during the hot weather months, Douglasville, because you know the heat is on its way.

Here are a a few more tips to help you get started. If you’d like a more thorough inspection, call or email us today!

Tips to Improve Cooling Efficiency

  • Don’t overcool by turning your thermostat lower than normal when turning it on. You will waste money and not cool your home any faster.
  • Call us to make sure your a/c system is properly sized for your house.
  • Perform annual maintenance on your system to reduce operating costs and extend the life of the units.
  • Save 10% by shading your air conditioning unit with trees or shrubs (but don’t block the airflow).
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